Amigurumi Hearts

I just started making hearts! Just like my stars you can design your own in any yarn color I have available. You can also order them without the cute face if you'd like. Go here to design your own!

You can add a keychain or necklace for no extra cost!

I also have a few already made available that you can add the same options too. Click the images to go straight to them in my shop.


Design your own Star Amigurumi!

Click HERE to order!
 Now you can order a star in any color I have available, and choose options like adding a magnet or key chain, or for it to have a cute face or not. Go here to order one right now! Use the drop down menu labeled "Quantity" to order more than one, but make sure to let me know which colors you would like each to be.

Below is the color chart of all the yarn colors I have available.


October Giveaway Winner Announcement

Brad is the winner of the giveaway! Congratulations!

There were 23 entries, and the random number generator selected 12.


New Amigurumi Animals!

I just listed these three new amigurumi. From left to right it's a Tanuki, Red Panda, and a Raccoon. Each are about 3 inches tall, so they are the perfect size to slip into your pocket for easy transportation. They are all from different parts of the world, but still have many similarities. The Raccoon is native to North America, The Red Panda lives in the forests of the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, and the Tanuki dwells in Japan.
red panda amigurumi
raccoon amigurumi

tanuki amigurumi


October Amigurumi Giveaway!

I'm hosting my very first amigurumi giveaway!

How would you like to win this little guy? It's easy! You just have to fill out the entry form located here. Please make sure to read the rules first! The two big ones are you must have a valid US address, and you must be 18 or older. All the information is on the first page, and the entry form is on the second page.

This giveaway will end on November 1st. The winner will be announced on my Facebook page and on my tumblr. Make sure to like or subscribe to see who the winner is!

If you'd like to buy a star check out my Etsy shop. You can add a keychain or magnet to any star for no extra charge!


Bat Amigurumi

Bats are back for the Halloween season!
bat amigurumi
Little Brown Bat, Silver Haired Bat, Gray Bat

Each bat I make is based off of a real life species of bat. There are over one thousand species of bats in the world, and they inhabit every part of the world except for extreme polar regions. Bats eat a variety of things including bugs, fruit, nectar, frogs, fish, small animals, blood, and even other bats! To find out more about these incredible creatures you can visit Bat Conservation International's website. Also, if you live in the Chicago-land area check out Incredible Bats, a team of local bat educators who do live bat shows at all kinds of places in the tri-state area and for all ages of people.

Click the name of the species below to see my bat amigurumi:
Eastern Red Bat (not pictured)
bat amigurumi
Ghost Bats


Coupon Code!

Feel free to use and share this coupon through the end of July! Purchases must total to at least $10, and the address has to be within the US/US territories/APO. This coupon is only valid in my Etsy shop Geeky Cute Crochet.

Pokemon Amigurumi

It's no secret that I love Pokemon.

I never owned a Game Boy, but I would steal my cousin or friend's Game Boy on occasion and play whatever they had currently in the system. Sometimes that was Pokemon Red. I played it when it was fresh and new as a kid. I didn't get into the craze too much, but I enjoyed the anime and collecting Meowth, Vulpix, and Eevee toys.

When Black and White came out I fell in love with Pokemon all over again. I joined a Pokemon community online, and got deep into collecting Pokemon merchandise from Japan.

It's a shame that here in the states we don't have half the merchandise they do for Pokemon. Japan has several Pokemon Centers, stores solely dedicated to selling official Pokemon merchandise, that I would love to visit someday.

 So when I have time I try my hand at making various Pokemon...

You can see more of my Pokemon amigurumi by searching my tumblr for the tag Pokemon.
I post all of my creations there now. If you want to keep up with my creations sign up for tumblr and start following me!

I do not write down any of the patterns when I make my Pokemon amigurumi. I base all of my work on my knowledge of amigurumi shapes and techniques, and make it up as I go. So I guess this is all freeform crochet! In that way all of these are one of a kind items. Even if I tried to reproduce them the outcome would be slightly different.

If you have any questions about my work ask me in the comments below, or contact me through my Etsy shop, Geeky Cute Crochet. Please do not leave your email address. I will only reply directly here or through Etsy's convo system.


Magic Adjustable Ring Tutorial Video

One of the very first techniques anyone wanting to make amigurumi should know is the Magic Adjustable Ring. You may remember my first blog tutorial about it. I thought it was time to take it to YouTube for my first tutorial video.

If you like it please give it a like, comment, and subscribe to my channel to see more!
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