Custom orders done!

I just finished a few custom orders, and it's time to put some new winter items up!

Unfortunately, my USB memory card reader is broken! I ordered a new one from Amazon, so once that comes in I can put up my new items.

The Hello Kitty necklace was a custom order that was really fun to do! The customer wanted a very large Hello Kitty face on a chain made from Perler beads. It is over 6 inches wide!

Another custom order was for Zombunnies in orange, blue, pink, green, and purple. I also made a set of turtles and some ghosts for this person, making this the biggest custom order yet!

I love custom orders, and I can make pretty much anything you can throw at me!

Once I can get my pictures off the memory card you can expect to see penguins, Christmas bunnies, foxes, and more!

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