Amigurumi Hearts

I just started making hearts! Just like my stars you can design your own in any yarn color I have available. You can also order them without the cute face if you'd like. Go here to design your own!

You can add a keychain or necklace for no extra cost!

I also have a few already made available that you can add the same options too. Click the images to go straight to them in my shop.


Design your own Star Amigurumi!

Click HERE to order!
 Now you can order a star in any color I have available, and choose options like adding a magnet or key chain, or for it to have a cute face or not. Go here to order one right now! Use the drop down menu labeled "Quantity" to order more than one, but make sure to let me know which colors you would like each to be.

Below is the color chart of all the yarn colors I have available.


October Giveaway Winner Announcement

Brad is the winner of the giveaway! Congratulations!

There were 23 entries, and the random number generator selected 12.

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