Bat Amigurumi

Bats are back for the Halloween season!
bat amigurumi
Little Brown Bat, Silver Haired Bat, Gray Bat

Each bat I make is based off of a real life species of bat. There are over one thousand species of bats in the world, and they inhabit every part of the world except for extreme polar regions. Bats eat a variety of things including bugs, fruit, nectar, frogs, fish, small animals, blood, and even other bats! To find out more about these incredible creatures you can visit Bat Conservation International's website. Also, if you live in the Chicago-land area check out Incredible Bats, a team of local bat educators who do live bat shows at all kinds of places in the tri-state area and for all ages of people.

Click the name of the species below to see my bat amigurumi:
Eastern Red Bat (not pictured)
bat amigurumi
Ghost Bats
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