Cave's Combustible Lemons

I'd like to thank Reddit user guahan who posted my Combustible Lemons here on Reddit! I have gotten an absurd amount of traffic(4,000 visits just today), and not only have I sold out of lemons, but I got a few other things sold as well!
These lemons don't take me too long to make, so hopefully I can get them done relatively quickly. The part that takes the longest is the Aperture Science logo. I use a stencil to ensure it comes out right and is the same for every lemon, but I have to go back and make sure all the edges are correct. I am a perfectionist so I really spend time making sure the logo looks perfect.

You can order a Combustible Lemon from my Etsy shop(Geeky Cute Crochet), but for now they are made to order, and will take up to 3 weeks for me to make.

I also have necklaces for the Portal fangirl in your life.
Everyone loves the Companion Cube.

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