Pokemon Starter Set

I just recently released all three of the original starter Pokemon in a set in my Etsy shop.

They were selling fairly well until someone posted the picture of them on their tumblr. The last time I checked that post it had over 18,000 notes! That means people were reposting it, sharing it, and spreading it all over the internet.

Much to my surprise it ended up here on an icanhas sister site called pokememes. I don't know why the person who submitted it thinks they might be sponges, but everyone else seemed to know what amigurumi is.

This is why I haven't relisted them... TOO MANY ORDERS!!!!! I am still trying to catch up with all of the people who ordered them. I have been responding to tons of convos and crocheting non-stop to try and get these orders out! I quoted people up to 3 weeks for me to make the set for them, and though I usually can get them out faster this time I may hit the 3 week mark for some of the orders.

This is how you get an internet business going. Post your pics around the social sites and watch the wildfire spread. Let the internet take its course. This time I didn't have to do anything but rely on my fan base to spread the word.

Another great asset to me is the group pkmncollectors over at LiveJournal. I've gotten a lot of business from those people wanting custom pokemon.

I do not sell my patterns at this time. If you would like to order a Starter Set please contact me through my Etsy shop, or click here to buy the set.
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