A New Project in the Works

I adore Shoji lanterns! These table lamps are usually made out of paper and wood and are modeled after the doors in traditional Japanese architecture. Usually they are in the shape of a tall cube, but there are some beautiful variations I've found on Etsy. (image on the right is from handmadethai on Esty)

So why am I talking about paper lanterns?(image below is from earthsteps on Etsy)

I have an idea for some really cool video game themed modern table lamps made in the style of shoji lanterns. I'd like to branch out into making some useful items for the home or office. I have the plans all drawn out, and I ordered more beads. I am so excited to get working on this, but I have to wait for them to ship me my beads first!

In my next post I will be talking about how to make a bead sprite. It's no secret, and anyone can do it! This tutorial will have photos too, so you won't get lost. ;D


New Items For Winter!

I have been adding my new winter items to my Etsy shop!

Fuzzy Orange Fox

Check out the adorable Blue Penguin, and my cute little Green Christmas Bunny. Expect to see more in the next few days! I have been busy working on these guys, and now it is time to unveil them!



I know Halloween is over, but I just wanted to show off these two Boo ghosts I made for a custom order. I had never made them before, and it took me a few trys to get the pattern just right. These are based off of some baddies in the Mario games. They aren't very big, but they sure turned out cute!

I got a new USB SD card reader, so I can get my penguins and foxes up on Etsy soon! I'll make a new post once I get some up!
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