Custom orders done!

I just finished a few custom orders, and it's time to put some new winter items up!

Unfortunately, my USB memory card reader is broken! I ordered a new one from Amazon, so once that comes in I can put up my new items.

The Hello Kitty necklace was a custom order that was really fun to do! The customer wanted a very large Hello Kitty face on a chain made from Perler beads. It is over 6 inches wide!

Another custom order was for Zombunnies in orange, blue, pink, green, and purple. I also made a set of turtles and some ghosts for this person, making this the biggest custom order yet!

I love custom orders, and I can make pretty much anything you can throw at me!

Once I can get my pictures off the memory card you can expect to see penguins, Christmas bunnies, foxes, and more!


Coming soon...

Lets face it. The kids love penguins!

Every Christmas you see them in all their cute cuddly splendor, waddling through the snow and drinking Coke with Polar Bears. It's too bad people don't realize that Penguins live at the South Pole, and Polar Bears live at the North Pole.

So what eats these cute little animals? Sea Lions of course! Watch The Pebble and The Penguin and enjoy the wonderful voice acting talents of Martin Short and Tim Curry. It's animated by the late Don Bluth, and worth a watch just for that reason alone. Oh, and it's all about adorable animated penguins!

By the way, if I am spouting off any wrong information let me know. I don't feel like checking Wiki. Instead I am relying on my vast knowledge of animal facts.

For this Christmas season I am introducing a new animal I developed a pattern for. Can you guess what it is? I also am looking for suggestions on other Christmas animals to make. Maybe Polar Bears? I don't know! Leave a comment with your suggestion on a animal for Chirstmas!

Well, here are the first two Penguins so far...

Actually I am selling them in a Craft Show Oct. 16th-18th in Pearl City, IL out by where I moved to a few weeks ago. I wanted to be in the show in Galena, IL... sadly registration closed last March and it costs $75 for a booth! I might go to it this weekend when my mom visits, but it may be too crappy with the cold rain that has been plaguing us recently.

I am open for custom orders! For any order of ten or more items I take %50 off. These guys are only about 3 inches tall and make great stocking stuffers, decorations, or ornaments for your tree!

I'll post again in November when I list them. Hopefully I will sellout at the show and rebuild my Penguin army in time for Christmas!
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