I love a good zombie movie every now and again. I just watched Shaun of the Dead again with my boyfriend, and I can't wait to see Zombieland this fall. Zombies movies are so entertaining and violent. :)

So far my Zombunnies are selling faster than I can keep up with! This time I have made three and listed them all at the same time. I'd hate for people to go to my Etsy shop looking for them and find that they are sold out! I will try to keep them listed as best as I can, but since each one is unique I have to photograph them each time.

You can find more Halloween items in my Etsy shop. I have plenty of cute bats and other creepy characters!


Halloween Preview

My favorite holiday is coming soon!

Halloween is only a few months away and I've started making some cute amigurumi to celebrate. I'm working on spiders, bats, and spooky farm animals.

Pictured above is Zombunny and Vampigula. There is a Frankenchicken on the way too! I am going to be selling them separately and in a set of three.

Click here to see my Halloween items!


Feathery Featured Seller

I like the Shop Local feature on Etsy. It brought me to this user.

Feather accessories! I've noticed them popping up in stores, and spotted a few celebrities wearing them. You can dress up your look with a sleek feathery headband or feather earrings.

I love the iridescent shine a peacock feather has! Birds can have such beautiful feathers. Even sparrows have pretty little speckled feathers.

She has all different types of headbands to choose from. I prefer the standard plastic ones wrapped in fabric, but she also makes tie back and elastic ones.

Not into headbands? She also sells beautiful barrettes and earrings!

All of her items are made in a smoke-free environment and currently she is having a sale.

I just love this look! I am going to have to order one for myself, or just drop some hints to my boyfriend. ;)


Little foxes!

I love foxes.

They have always been my favorite animal, and it's about time I crochet some for my Etsy shop. So I came up with a pattern and tried it out a few weeks ago.

I am planning on making some solid colored ones too. I just really want to use up my multicolored yarn to make room for all my other skeins!


My Tiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Click here to go to TMNT25.com
I've always loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I even have a few of the 2nd edition reprints of the original comics. Yes, before it was a movie(an awesome movie) it was a comic book series! The cartoon followed thereafter. I think I still have a VHS of two of the episodes.

Anyway, I've seen TMNT amigurumi dolls on various craft sites, but I thought I'd give it a try and make the chibi(super deformed) version of them!

So far I've sold 6 sets of them. I decided to stop making them ahead of time for now and list them as made to order. It will only add one more day to the shipping time since I can make them fairly quickly, but if I get multiple orders like I did Sunday I could get backed up a little.
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